AVP Security

An ex Indian Navy employee with 18 years of comprehensive experience in Military and Corporate sector. Competent & Disciplined Professional holding an MBA in Human Resource Management with experience of serving Indian Navy & Corporate industry with comprehensive knowledge in Safety & Security Management, Administration and Security Initiatives. Proficiency in managing the strategic and tactical application for the physical security of all personnel and the infrastructure, thereby ensuring a safe working environment that supports the organisation and the aims and objectives of its core business.

Expertise in managing and deploying solutions for building access control, personnel clearance, theft prevention and firefighting & safety. Excellence in conducting investigations relating to sensitive security issues and modern security intelligence, surveillance systems in peaceful and violent situations. Well-organized with a record of conducting risk assessment to identify threats, assessing vulnerabilities and related risks and value of security operations and proposing mitigation plans to the management.

Capabilities to building & nurturing strategic relationships with relevant stakeholders in the government like agencies/bodies and private sector players. Track record of Developing, implementing and maintaining all operational security procedures, policies and plans to reduce risks, response to incidents and limit exposure to liability in areas of physical and personal risk. Well experienced in managing the Security Operation Centers and Control Rooms. Has been awarded with various awards during the course of service in the Navy as well as in the Corporate Sector.

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